Why I Love The New Vaginal Wands

What Are Vaginal Wands?

In case you’ve never heard about them, they are quite new on the market, the vaginal tightening wands or sticks are dildo shaped herb vaginal inserts. You may mistake them for a vaginal exerciser, but while shaped like one, they last for about three months.

Why I love them?

They are very easy to use. Compared with shrinking vaginal creams or gels, they are not messy or sticky. The way you use it depends on the which brand you choose, but is as easy as watering it for few seconds and then insert it inside your vagina. Then, you simply just rotate them for few seconds and that’s it. I feel they are more hygienic than creams as you don’t have to squeeze the gel on your fingers then insert it inside your vagina. For the shrinking cream or gel to have any effect, you actually have to rotate it with your finger alongside your vaginal walls.

There are a couple of stick shrink wands that you can find on the market today:

Serre Stick Vaginal Tightening Wand

This is a vaginal wand made by Serre Stick Nuru Guru. Its main ingredients are snow lotus, aloe, saffron and common cnidium fruit. The way you use it is very simple. Just put the top of the stick under water for few seconds, then use it as prescribed above. Note that the effect last for few days. This is a bonus, as most shrink creams or lotions last for few hours.

Its manufacturers also recommend it for getting rid of vaginal odor and vaginal itchiness.


 Back to 20s® Instant Work Vaginal Tightening Wand

This is another type of tightening rod that you can purchase from Amazon. In all, you can expect almost the same way to use and hopeully results as Serre Stick by Nuru Guru.





Vaginal Tightening Inserts

There are many products today that you can use to tighten up your vaginal muscles. One later addition to the market are vaginal suppositories that makes your vagina tighter. Vaginal suppositories are not new, most of us women using them usually to treat some nasty vaginal infections.

If you think that suppositories might be better than a cream or a stick, it’s up to you. My concern is that there are only a handful of products available on the market, and that they are made on Far East countries and sold from there. This poses a question related to their effectiveness and safety.

Anyway, you can buy vaginal tightening suppositories on Amazon and eBay. Before deciding which one is better, you can have a look for their main ingredients.

Rose Woman Vaginal Tightening Suppository also known as Le Fu Yan  is an imported product from China. Its main ingredient is saffron and pikenard.

Another vaginal tightening suppository that you can find on Amazon is from Thailand, Herb Friend. Unfortunately, I don’t see listed any ingredients on their listing but only benefits and how t use it. Some adverse side-effects are listed.

Tightenz is another vaginal tightening insert that you can purchase from their website. They seem to only sell online and cannot be found in any retail stores. Looking at its ingredients, one of it is quescus inectoria aka manjakani, a well known herb for vaginal issues like looseness, dryness and vaginal infections. As with any pessary, they take some time to get the effect, in case of Tightenz, it’s a up to two hours.

Are vaginal tightening inserts better than Kegel?

You should know that with any small efforts come short results. This is true not only for using vaginal inserts, but also creams or gels that promise you to make you tighter. Kegel exercisers do require consistent effort and take more time to see effective results, but they are long lasting. Kegels are important for women because they help you prevent incontinence, an issue for many women.

Vaginal tightening pessaries like Tightenz or any other one you can find online  can give you fast results that can last for few hours.




Vagina Tightening Pills: Which Brand Should You Choose?

Compared with vaginal tightening creams or gels, there are not so many vaginal tightening pills on the market. You do find, though, lots of libido booster pills. In my view, I prefer using a topical cream or gel to shrink the vaginal walls and avoid using any pills. But some women may find creams irritating, so taking herbal pills may make sense.

Most of vaginal tightening pills brands or products that I found are made from herbs. This is not surprising, since there are some powerful natural herbs used in traditional medicines by women for centuries to deal with vaginal laxity. Pills should be taken while using a vaginal tightening cream and doing Kegels as well. These combination will make sure your vaginal muscles do come back to its original shape. Kegel exercises for women are great not only for relaxed vaginal muscles, but for incontinence as well. Women after 40 should always include these simple exercises into their daily routine to prevent vaginal muscle prolapse.

Venus Tightening Pills

They are the my first choice of vaginal tightening pills. Made in Thailand, after a Thai recipe, it is a genuine herb extract which contains curcuma comosa and pueraria mirifica. Those two Thai herbs are quite a miracle for women’s health and used nowadays in many natural women health products that aids at hormonal changes in women bodies.  Curcuma comosa also helps with  white and yellow vaginal discharge, smelly odor and leucorrhoea.You can read more about it, here.

Aabab Tablets

This is another pill for loose vagina. It is made in India and it is made from Quercus Infectoria and Argilla Vitriolutum. As, Venus pills, it helps as well with vaginal discharge and bad vaginal odor. This pill is not for taking orally, but it needs to be inserted vaginally. It needs 2 to 3 hours to take effect.

Vagina Expert Softgels

This is a chinese vaginal tightening product made from various herbs. For a reading of its various ingredients and to purchase it, please read more an Amazon here. You have to take 3 0r 4 capsules per day to see any effect. There are warnings associated with its use: people with heart,  kidney and liver illnesses should not use take it, the same for pregnant women.


IsoSensuals Tight Vaginal Tightening Pills

Those are a new product from the makers, IsoSensuals, who have also other health related products, including a very highly reviewed vaginal tightening gel on Amazon. You can read more about it here.

I don’t see it why these vagina tightening pills would not work. Their main ingredient is manjakani extract or oak galls. This ingredient is a well-known vaginal shrinker in south-eastern asian countries and now you don’t have to buy the pills over eBay from unknown sellers. Other ingredients are parameriae cortex extract, nigella sativa and kacip fatimah extract.

One bottle contains 30 capsules, and you need to take one capsule per day. For long-lasting results, you may want use them for 6 months. You can also combine them with their IsoSensuals vagina tightening gel or any other vaginal shrinking product like the vaginal wand by Serre Stick.








Alum Powder: Does Alum Help Tighten Your Vagina?

Alum white powder is a natural  vaginal tighten ingredient used mainly by women in Carraibe. However, alum powder has many uses, particularly in industry and cosmetics. I will not talk about the different types of alum, you can read more on wikipedia if you want, but about the different uses of alum powder.

You can buy alum either as a fine white powder or as crystals. Many women are looking for where to find alum powder and the afrikan stores can be a good idea to ask or you can find it on amazon here.  Be aware that it has its own side-effects also, as it can irritate the skin.

Does alum powder help tighten my vagina?

Yes, it does help tighten the vagina. It also helps tighten the skin in general. Some vaginal tightening creams do contain alum. However, when used naturally, at home, you may risk damaging the vaginal tissues. One of the reason could be the that its very alkaline. You can read here more about it.

But, nonetheless, it does work very well for shrinking your vagina. It is just not safe used for long term and for this reason I believe you should use other natural herbs or vagial tightening creams which are way more safer. You can read more about sepia uses and  aloe vera benefits for the vaginal area.

Alum is used for othe skin conditions as well. It is very efficient in curing mouth ulcers and remove the bad skin odors. This is why it’s used in deodorants and toothpaste fabrication.

Alum powder cream

Because it’s not a safe ingredient to use, I havn’t found any alum cream for tightening the vagina. If you are looking for the best rated vaginal tightening cream, I do recommendIsosensuals which contains Manjakani.


Aloe Vera Benefits For Women Health

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its health benefits. Now, I am sure you knew that as it is common knowledge, yet not so many women know how it can help them with their more intimate parts.

Aloe Vera Benefits For Women

Women of all ages and social backgrounds suffer at least once in their lifetime with various vaginal conditions such as vaginal itching, bacterial vaginosis, thrush, vaginal dryness or loose vagina. For most of these, aloe vera can help you.

Aloe Vera has immense skin recovering properties, this is why it is used in so many cosmetic products. And this is why it is a great natural cure for vaginal dryness. This condition as well as more severe ones such as athrophic vaginitis and chronic painful intercourse are caused by a lowering of estrogens hormones. Most women during menopause experience it more or less depending on the rate with which these feminine hormones are decreasing.

Vaginal Dryness and Aloe Vera

Because a thinning of the vaginal tissues leads to feminine dryness, finding something to stop this process and recover the tissues is essential for all women in this delicate time in their life. Aloe vera, having great properties for recovering skin conditions, is a great ingredient to use if you suffer from vaginal dryness. And the best thing is that you can find it everywhere, from juices to gels and even capsules.

If you have problems with vaginal dryness and want something natural, then using a natural vaginal dryness cream such as InTivar which conatins also aloe vera makes sense.

Can you use Aloe Vera for vaginal tightening?

Some women claim that aloe evera does work when it comes to vaginal tightening. I don’t know for sure this, so I can not give a real answer as I’ve never tried it.




Best Vaginal Tightening Products

I am sure that you want to know which are the best vaginal tightening products on the market today. Now, it does depend on which vaginal tightening methods do you want to use.

Most of the time, women want a quick solution to improve their relaxed vaginal muscles and feel good about sex again. By far, the fastest way is using a vaginal tightening gel or cream such as Isosensuals. The tightening gel is made from natural ingredients which also helps with improving the vaginal tissues due to dryness and helps increase the libido.

Tightest Vaginal Cream

There is no other product that offers so many uses on the market, particularly rejuvenating the vagina, as Intivar.

Other products they just tackle the shrinking part which is perfectly fine as this is what you want after all. Yet, I believe many women who happens to have problems with loose vagina experience and other vaginal issues such as lack of sex drive and dry vagina during breastfeeding and when they age.

Best Vaginal Toners

Some women start to notice a weak bladder. Incontinence is a serious problem for many women, especially for those who have given birth naturally, and the main cause is a weak pelvic muscle. Doing daily kegel exercises does help improve pelvic muscles and improve the bladder condition. Another great benefit of kegle exercises, especially for those women who have just given birth without a c-section, is tightening the vaginal muscles. I am sure you and your partner will find it very pleasant nonetheleast.

Finding the best vaginal exerciser is a dauting task, as there are lots of vaginal gadgets out there. Kegelmaster vaginal exerciser is one of them, or you could also try  Kegel8. Another product which has rave reviews is Hitachi Magic Wonder, which truth be said is not really a vaginal tonner as it can be used in various other ways.

Best Tightening Pills

Using vaginal tightening pills is not something I would try, but there are those who would want to use them. When it comes to vaginal tightening, sepia pills are a good choice. However, not everyone would be happy taking supplements of which side-effects are unkwon, so you should be cautious about it.





Vaginal Tightening Surgery

What is vaginal tightening surgery?

This type of surgery also known as vaginoplasty helps women reduce the size of their vaginal muscles in case their are too large. There are many reasons why your vaginal walls may get loose and tearred and, since cosmetic surgeries are very popular, there is an increasing demand for this type of vaginal reconstruction.

Who can have vaginoplasty?

The main candidate for laser vaginal rejuvenation are women who have had children. Childbirth is one of the main cause of loosening vagina. If you are unsure that you can have this type of surgery, you should always consult your doctor besides the plastic surgeon. There are certain medical conditions which prevent from having this type of operation.

There is an increasing advertising for vaginoplasty and labiaplasty in recent years. While the latter implies very little risks, this is not the case of vaginal reconstruction, even when it is done with a laser. Before committing yourself to such high health risks, you may want to research beforehand the possible outcomes of this type of operation.

The main complaint regarding vaginoplasty is that it is very possible you end up with a vagina so small that it prevents you from enjoying sexual intercourse. The is actually the opposite thing of the main reason you want to have in the first place.

In more rare cases women have suffered ruptured of the vaginal walls and need further reconstruction operations. If you think of cosmetic surgeries, all can go wrong and having a vaginal tightening operation gone wrong can scar you psychologically for life.

There are medical condition such as incontinence where your doctor may advice you for this type of surgery. However, even in case of incontinency and bladder leaking you can do Kegel Exercises to tone up your vaginal muscles and improve your condition. Just plain Kegel exercises without any help of a vaginal toner done everyday, repeated two,three times per day, will improve your condition greatly and you may not need to have a vagina tuck.

Vaginal Tightening Surgery Cost

If you don’t have a medical condition such as incontinence or prolapsed womb in which case your doctor might recommend this type of surgery to treat the above conditions and claim the surgery costs on your insurance, you will have to pay for it I am afraid. The average price for designer vagina are around $5000 in US and £3000 in UK. Note that you may want to make sure what and what’s not included in the quote you receive. For example, you may found out that you may need to pay for overnight stay, anesthetics, etc.

How long it takes to recover after vaginoplasty?

The vaginal surgery takes up to one hour and you may need to stay one night in the clinic. For few days you may feel burning and have difficulty to pee. You can have sexual intercourse after 4 -6 weeks after operation. The risks of urinary tract infections are small, but you will need few check ups after the op is done to make sure the vaginal walls are recovering well and there is no infection.






What Is Sepia Used For?

Sepia also known as Sepia Officinallis or simply Cuttlefish is one of the 20 most commongly used homeopathic remedy. It has been discovered in 19 century and is widely used ever since mstly for female related health conditions.

What is Sepia made from?

Sepia is not a plant but a powder made from brown dark ink made from cuttlefish. The cuttlefish produces it when faced with danger to protect itself. In homeopathy, sepia is found mainly as tinctures, alcohol based ones. However, you can now find also sepia pills, Nelson Sepia pills are common ones and they come in various dosages.

Who should use Sepia?

There is what is known as sepia female type. If you find yourself of been tired most of the time, having dark circles around your eyes, suffering from weather changes, feel uncomfortable in social circles, suffer from pelvic problems, get hor flashes and have a pale complexion, then for sure you are a sepia type woman.

You don’t have to have all the symptoms, yet if you recognize yourself in some of them, then you may want to look into a sepia homeopathic treatment. A qualified naturopath should be easily recognize your type and recommend if you should have such remedy.

Sepia Common Treatments

Sepia is a versatile homeopathic remedy which means that it is prescribed for many ailments. Most of the time it has correlation with women’s health issues such as vaginal conditions, mind issues, blood circulation problems, skin and digestive tract problems.

Mind Problems that are treated with sepia are as follow:

  • depression;
  • mood swings;
  • chronic sadness;
  • indiference and solitudeness;
  • socialphoby;
  • constant agitation.

Skin conditions for which sepia might be used are:

  • eczema
  • yellow spots on skin
  • excessive sweating

Some of digestive conditions for which sepia might be useful are:

  • nausea due to smells of food
  • hemorrhoids symptoms
  • srange cravings for chiili and sour foods
  • bitter mouth taste

Vaginal conditions are common for many women and sepia is a great ailment if you suffer from:

  • loose vagina
  • pain during menstruation
  • pain during intercourse
  • ovarian cysts
  • periods too heavy or too thin
  • uterine prolapsed
  • vaginal discharge
  • vaginal thrush
  • menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.

Note that you should not self-administer homeopathic treatments. If you do, bear in mind that they should be administer under toungue as they are faster absorbed by the blood stream. Also, some drinks and foods may interact with homeopathic remedies and made them useless. You should avoid drinking coffee, smoke or consume mint flavoured products.




Homeopathic remedies for loose vagina

oak_gallLoose vagina is an inevitable consequence of childbirth and aging process. You notice the sex is not the same anymore when you start losing the grip. The thing is that you don’t have to let a loose vagina destroy your relationship and your self-esteem. Because, this is the sad result of a loose vaginal muscles. Besides Kegel exercises, homeopathic remedies for vaginal tightening have increased in popularity in recent years due to its easiness of use.

Herbs have been used from ancient times for vaginal health. Depending on the culture, some are still used today, such as african black soap, oak galls or pueraria mirifica. Based on theses still preserved cultures, lots of products for vaginal rejuvenation uses them as ingredients.

Which Homeopathic Remedies Work For Getting a Tighter Vagina?


Manjakani or Oak Galls is a plant mostly known in Suth East Asia and still used today for it vaginal rejuvenation benefits. It helps with getting a tighter vagina, clears vaginal infections such as vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis and helps with foul vaginal odor. Many women in that part of the world still uses the natural plant. However, you can buy manjakani pills to help you with vaginal tightening or vaginal tightening creams such as InTivar which does contain manjakani.


Sepia is a widely used homeopathis remedy for many illnesses and health conditions that women suffer. It is made from dark brown pigment of ink sac of cuttlefish. Besides mood swings, debility, irritability, it is used for gynecological conditions such as prementrual symptoms, hot flashes and other menopuase symptoms, urinary infections, painful intercourse, vaginal tightening, vaginal candidiasis, women with low libido, just to name a few. You may need to visit a naturopath or you can purchase sepia pills or liquids. Note that using sepia is not without side-effects and if you take other medicines, you should talk with your doctor about taking sepia.

Quercus Infectoria  is another type of oak used for vaginal conditions, including vaginal tightening. It is also called Allepo Oak or Cyprus Oak and, as the name suggested, is found in Southern Europe and Southwestern Africa. You can find more about Quescus Infectoria here.



Radiofrequency Treatment for Vaginal Laxity

Stretching of vaginal walls after vaginal delivery is normal in all women. Actually, most women experience a loose vagina after giving birth and besides physical consequences, loss of sensetation is the most depressing. For enhancing you vginal tissues, there are tests made for radiofrequency treatment for vaginal tissues. This study concludes that most women experience an improvement in vaginal tightness after 6 month treatment.


Radiofrequency Treatment for tightening vagina is not a new technique, it has been tested for over 10 years now. Thermage treatment is a skin tightening treatment that can also be used for vaginal walls.

Note that thermage is mainly used for tightening of the aging skin on face and body, a very efficient treatment actually. It is also very efficient when used for reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Before jumping to do vaginal tightening surgery as a way to regain the vaginal sensation and improve your loss sexual life or for medical reasons, you may want to explrore other ways to tighten vagina which are less riscky.

The main risk that I see with using cosmetic surgery or even abusing vaginal exercisers such as Kegelmaster, is the complete loss of sensation. This is the reverse effect of what those methods should achieve.


Other methods of improving vaginal laxity


Using a vaginal tightening cel or cream, even one not made entierily from natural ingredients, is less risky than a vaginal surgery for tightness of vagina or radiofrequency treatment.


There are natural remedies for vaginal tightening which can be used such as aloe vera, african black soap, sepia, manjakani.


The last but nonethless effective, Kegel exercises which can be done anytime and anywhere if not using any kind of vaginal device such as an vaginal exerciser, vaginal balls or vaginal cones.


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