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What are Kegel Balls?

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Lots of women may have heard or even used Kegel Balls. They usually are referred as orgasm balls, vaginal weights, pleasure balls, or smartballs. The reason for various names is that they can have different functions depending on what you used them for.

Kegel Balls Basic Facts


These types of balls have been used for centuries by women. Invented in Japan and used initial for giving pleasure to the men, women have noticed quickly that can be used for their own pleasure as well. Made from ivory initially, now they are made from different materials such as metal, plastic, with or without a string, etc. Also, the shapes of Kegel balls varies greatly, so choosing which one is better for you can be daunting.

Kegel Balls Exercises For Women

If you use them for Kegel exercises, often referred as Ben Wa Balls, then you may need to start with bigger sizes at first, then decrease the size gradually once your pelvic muscles are stronger.

Kegel exercises are recommended by doctors for women with bladder control problems, since a stronger pelvic muscles helps with incontinence. Besides medical reasons, you may want to use Kegel balls for tightening vaginal muscles and increase the loss sensations during intercourse. There is no secret that women after giving birth experience loose vagina and a lack of orgasm. For this reason, you should use Kegel exercises and Kegel balls makes practicing them much more easier.

How do you use Kegel Balls?

If you have never used them before, this type of balls are made from metal, often called Ban Wa Balls and with no string attached. Those made from plastic are called Duodene Balls and often have a silicone string.

You insert the balls inside your vagina and simply hold your muscles so the balls not fall down. The beauty of using these balls is that you will automatically contract your muscles, hence helping you get stronger vaginal muscles. It is important to start with bigger size at first, because your muscles are too relaxed.

Once you have practiced for few weeks, you can use smaller sizes. Once you have inserted them inside your vagina, you can move around the house and do your daily chores. I am sure that by using Kegel Balls you will  remember to do your Kegels and find it easy to do so.



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