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What Are The Main Kegel Exercises Benefits?

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So , you have read about Kegel Exercises before, even your doctor or midwife recommended them after giving birth, so what are the main Kegel Exercises benefits? We mainly talk here about women, yet Kegels are practiced by men as well. For a fairly simple and quick exercise type, you got lots of benefits.


Kegel Exercises Benefits For Women:


  • Helps with delivery since your muscle are well trained and can cope with contractions that occurs during labor;
  • Tighten vaginal muscles after vaginal childbirth when muscles get laxed;
  • Helps improve your sexual experience since women with tighter pelvic muscles can rich higher orgasms;
  • It can treat medical conditions related to relaxed pelvic floor muscles such as bladder prolapsed, incontinence, or prolapsed womb;
  • It can prevent hemorrhoids.


Women of all ages can practice their Kegels and they are not just for sexual active ones. Since vaginal relaxation is caused also by aging, by preparing your pelvic muscles you will prevent getting a weak bladder, incontinence, or prolaped womb. Think only of the embarrassment and expence to wear incontinence pads due to weaker plevic muscles when such conditions can always be preventable.


Kegel Exercises Benefits For Men:


  • It helps with urinary incontinence the same as with women
  • It is the first step in the treatment of prostate and prostatitis
  • It can aid problems with premature ejaculation
  • It can improve orgasms overall.


Both women and men have these types of muscles and teir role is important in maintaining a good bladder health and a healthy sexual life. Urinary incontinence due to weak pelvic muscles is common in both women and men due to age when their elasticity gets looser.


As you can notice, getting a habit of doing regular Kegel exercises can have tremendous benefits for your health and sexual life. Yet, though so simple, few people do them to prevent these common health conditions before is too late.


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