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Arousal Creams: Should You Use Any?

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Lack of sex drive is a big problem for some women. There are many reasons why you feel as not having sex or any desire at all, so do arousal creams or gels work for women?

I am sure you have posed this question yourself and getting a quick fix to satisfy you and your partner sounds like a good thing. Since you can order them online and be sent in a private package, the boom for these types of products have increased. Also, newspaper coverage such as Zestra oil in New York Times for example, have raised the awareness of these types of enhancers for women as well.

There are no FDA approved arousal creams for women, so it is hard to say if a certain product works without trying it yourself. I am also sure you wonder what these contain.

Arousal Creams Ingredients

While the list of ingredients varies from product to product, two main ingredients that stand out are L-arginine and menthol. L-arginine is used for increasing the blood flow and sensitivity. Menthol is an ingredient which gives strong sensations when applied on the skin.

Vaginal area is a very sensitive part of your body and you may want to make sure before appying any kind of lotions, creams or oils on the area. It is just much more easy to get irritate and burning sensations than say on the arms or legs.

You may want to try the arousal lotion or oil on your skin before ruining your night. Be aware that some creams are very messy and if they oil based, they may interract with condom effectiveness.

Best arousal gel for women

Since we want the best when it comes for us, including the best arousal creams that you can find on the market, from my research there are two products that you can use as an arousal enhancer: Zestra oil and Galaxis Arousal Gel.

Alternatively, Her Solution can also be used as an enhancer if applied externally since it also contains L-Arginine.

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