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Libido Boosters: Women Should Also Use Them For Lack Of Sex Drive

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Everyone of us have periods in our life where we feel down, drawn and the last thing we want is having sex. Lack of sex drive can affect anyone, no matter of adulthood age, yet they occur mostly during prelonged periods of illness, after childbirth delivery, or during menopause.

Because of the relationship implications due to lack of sex, many women turn very lately to seek help. While there is no proof that a libido booster pill for women do work thesa me as for men, there are creams that contain special ingrediets which proven to work increase the libido for women.

What are the main libido boosters for women?

What works for men t increase libido, not necessarilly works for women. So, there is no magic pill to turn you on. While there is a herbal type of pill for women called Herbal vX, made from gincko biloba and a brazilian herb called muira puama, the makers do not give any kind of guarantees that it works. I am not surprised, since low libido in women have many causes, may related with emotional and psychological triggers which cannot be treated with a blue pill.

However, you can use the power of foods and certain substances such as L-Arginine which are natural aphrodisiacs for women.

Best Foods That Help With Low Libido

1. Goji Berry

These little berries orriginates from China. They are actually used in many dishes and you can even make wine from them. You can find them in local chinese food stores. They are thought by chinese of having very high aphrodisiacal powers. They are also higher in beta caroten than other fruits. Men with erectyle dysfunction should use them also.

2. Oysters

This aphodisiac food is well known in Western cultures. The thing is that make them so potent is the high levels of Zinc and omega 3-fatty acids. They are very good for fightening depression as well. Zinc is essential for increasing the sperm  and testosterone production. So, if you are a man or a woman and think of using testosterone creams, which by the way they are hormonal creams and have side-effects, stop and just try some oysters and see how you feel.

3. Almonds

These are another potent aphrodisiac food for increasing libido in women. It is thought the smell raises the passion in women.

4. Avocado

Highly rich in natural fats, it contains also vitamin B6, omega-3 fatty acids as well as oleic acid. They are thought to be very good for increasing libido in men more than women.

5. Asparagus

Source of folic acid and vitamins, it is thoughed to help you reach the orgasms faster.

Cream For Enhancing Libido In Women

There are two natural ingredients which is thought to enhance the sex drive in women: l-arginine and black cohosh. So, if you would like to use a natural libido booster for women and not a testosterone cream, you should look for cream or gel that contains those.

There are several such libido boosters products on the market, the most popular one been Her Solution Gel, after it has beeen featured on the The Doctors show in US, yet there are others as well. They work by applying them on vaginal area, so no magic pill.

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Testosterone cream for libido in women

Women during menopause suffer from low oestrogene levels. One of the multiple symptoms of menopause is a lack of desire for sex. Some women may want to use testosterone creams that you rub them vaginally, but as always when it involves hormonal treatments, you should ask your doctor first.


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