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Her Solution Gel For Increasing Low Libido

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HerSolution Gel is one of the leading products on increasing women libido and relief vaginal dryness. It is more than just a lubricant that you can buy in supermarket, it can increase the blood flow in vaginal area, hence highten the sensations during sex.


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Women of all ages may experience vaginal dryness and/or lack of sex drive. Rather than using cheap vaginal lubricants which may do you more damage than good, natural vaginal lubricants or gels such as Intivar Or Her Solution can help aid the problem.

Main Benefits of Using Her Solution

  • It increases bloog flow to vaginal tissues and clitoris;
  • It helps with vaginal dryness;
  • It incraeses the sensations during intercourse, helping you getting bigger orgasms.

Does Her Solution work?

As it is been stated in the TV show The Doctors, the gel contains L-arginine who have been proven to alleviate low sex drive by improving the blood flow in the vagina. In other words, it helps you getting natural lubrification, a problem for many women. Low libido ca be an issue for many reasons, but a poor blood circulation on the vaginal area is a common cause.


L-Arginine is a common prescribed ingredient by doctors for woen suffereing with vaginal dryness and poor vaginal arousal. Other ingredients are natural bothanical essensces such as purified water, citric acid, olive squalene. The silky texture of the gelĀ is the result of using shea, alow and cocoa butter.


The Her Solution gel claims that is free of any parabens, silicone or glycerine such as most over the counter lubricants. When you choose products for such a sensitive area, it is very important that you look for those chemicals as used long term they can do you more harm than good.

How to use it for increasing libido?

You just have to put a tiny amount of gel on your figers and apply it on your vagina. It is odourless and is not know to interfere with condoms.

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