In case you don’t want to use a vaginal tightening gel, though you should, you could use a spray from Instant Virgin Spray. However, both types of products have to be applied inside the vagina to get the desired effect. Instant Virgin aimed at helping you getting a tighter vaginal muscles, eliminate bad vaginal odor,… (0 comment)

What is vaginal tightening surgery? This type of surgery also known as vaginoplasty helps women reduce the size of their vaginal muscles in case their are too large. There are many reasons why your vaginal walls may get loose and tearred and, since cosmetic surgeries are very popular, there is an increasing demand for this… (0 comment)

Sepia also known as Sepia Officinallis or simply Cuttlefish is one of the 20 most commongly used homeopathic remedy. It has been discovered in 19 century and is widely used ever since mstly for female related health conditions. What is Sepia made from? Sepia is not a plant but a powder made from brown dark… (0 comment)

Loose vagina is an inevitable consequence of childbirth and aging process. You notice the sex is not the same anymore when you start losing the grip. The thing is that you don’t have to let a loose vagina destroy your relationship and your self-esteem. Because, this is the sad result of a loose vaginal muscles.… (0 comment)

So , you have read about Kegel Exercises before, even your doctor or midwife recommended them after giving birth, so what are the main Kegel Exercises benefits? We mainly talk here about women, yet Kegels are practiced by men as well. For a fairly simple and quick exercise type, you got lots of benefits.  … (0 comment)

Stretching of vaginal walls after vaginal delivery is normal in all women. Actually, most women experience a loose vagina after giving birth and besides physical consequences, loss of sensetation is the most depressing. For enhancing you vginal tissues, there are tests made for radiofrequency treatment for vaginal tissues. This study concludes that most women experience… (0 comment)

There are many reasons why you may want to use InTivar Gel. While most female vaginal rejuvenation products on the market adress only one problem, due to its main ingredients, this vaginal rejuvenation gel can help you eliminate painful sex, used for longer time can help with vaginal wall relaxation and it can help rebalance… (0 comment)

Finding yourself in the dark when it comes to Kegel Exercises? You don’t know if your strengthening are strong enough to show any effect on your pelvic muscles? Though Kegel exercises are very easy to do, the vast majority of women never try them and, those who do, they quickly gave up. Now, you have… (0 comment)

Do you wonder how can you get instant vaginal tightening? One possible answer is using a vaginal tightening gel which are made from special ingredients to shrink the relaxed vaginal muscles almost instantly. The result is a tighter feel, increase sensation during intercourse and overall greater sex. The inconvenient truth is that vaginal muscles gets… (0 comment)

Lots of women may have heard or even used Kegel Balls. They usually are referred as orgasm balls, vaginal weights, pleasure balls, or smartballs. The reason for various names is that they can have different functions depending on what you used them for. Kegel Balls Basic Facts   These types of balls have been used… (0 comment)