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Instant Virgin Spray Review

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In case you don’t want to use a vaginal tightening gel, though you should, you could use a spray from Instant Virgin Spray. However, both types of products have to be applied inside the vagina to get the desired effect.

Instant Virgin aimed at helping you getting a tighter vaginal muscles, eliminate bad vaginal odor, clear muccus and keep your vagina lubricated. It promise to achive this due to its main ingredients which are 100% natural.

Instant Virgin Ingredientstightening_spray

It took me a little while to find their ingredients on their website, but here they are:

  • Aloe
  • Lecithin
  • Vinegar
  • Glycerine
  • Butylene-Glycol.

How to use Instant Virgin?

The vaginal tightening spray is pretty easy to use. Just wash and dry well the vagina before you apply it, then spray inside the vagina not outside. As a side note, any vaginal tightening cream or spray has to be placed inside your vagina to work properly.

You should be able to notice a result instantly. Normally you apply it just whe you want have intercourse, not everyday. If you want to use it just for vaginal rejuvenation and maintain it young, you can use it on exterior.

How long one bottle will last?

This is a good question as you may want to find out how long one spray bottle will last. Used according to their instructions, you should be able to use it on 50 applications. Now, it is up to you how often you use it.

Instant Virgin Spray Where To Buy

You can purchase the instant spray product from their website, however you may want to check first on which country they ship. Otherwise, a more convenient way is to order it from Amazon. You may also want to consider Intivar Tightening Gel.





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