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InTivar Gel: Where Can You Buy InTivar?

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There are many reasons why you may want to use InTivar Gel. While most female vaginal rejuvenation products on the market adress only one problem, due to its main ingredients, this vaginal rejuvenation gel can help you eliminate painful sex, used for longer time can help with vaginal wall relaxation and it can help rebalance the vaginal flora which leads to many vaginal infections.

InTivar is known mainly as a vaginal tightening gel since it contains manjakani, a well known vaginal tightening plant.


Main Benefits Of Using Intivar


  • It gives you instant vaginal tightening;
  • It helps with muscle relaxation;
  • Improves lack of sex drive in women of all ages;
  • It treats vaginal dryness naturally;
  • It generally helps maintain a good vaginal health and helps prevent vaginal infections.



buyintivarVaginal relaxation and the loss of sensation in women is more common than most people think. It appears mainly after normal childbirth, and simply put, many women feel unconvenient about it.


 How to use Intivar for vaginal tightening?

The way you use Intivar gel for shrinking of the vaginal walls is a little bit different than the way you use it for treating vaginal rejuvenation. You have to apply a small amount on your finger and insert it inside your vagina, rotating your fingers around the vaginal canal.


What is InTivar made from?

This vaginal rejuvenation gel is like no other on the market. Firstly, it contains Mirofirm , a Pueraria Mirifica thai plant which contain phytoestrogens whose ability is to act the same as estrogen in women bodies. This plant nowadays is used in many vaginal dryness products.


Manjakani or Oak Galls is a plant well known in South-East Asia for its helpful vaginal properties it has. Not only that it can help women overcome loose vagina, but also it is very efficient in treating vaginal infections and maintain a normal vaginal pH.


Intivar is not just another vaginal lubricant

Note that Intivar is not another vaginal lubricant that you can purchase from any drugstore and are full of chemicals. It is also free from estrogens hormones, using a natural alternative, pueraria mirifica extract ahich aids in improving vaginal tissues and vaginal dryness.


Where can you purchase Intivar?

Currently, Intivar tightening gel can be bought only online. You just need a crediet card or a paypal adress and you can enjoy better sexual life into days.

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