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PK24 Review

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PK24 Cream is yet another product promising a tighter and more enhanced vagina, ideal for women who suffer with vaginal relaxation. But, does PK24 work? I am sure anyone wanting to use this cream pose this question.

The makers of PK24 state on their website, PK24.COM, that  thier vaginal rejuvenation cream is the first and only clinically tested  anti-aging vaginal rejuvenation cream. I have a problem with this statement as I know for sure that there are other same products on the market that are clinically tested for improving vaginal muscles relaxation in womens. See our InTivar Review.

PK24 Cream Ingredients

It doesnt seem to be a complete natural cream product as it contains propylparabens and methylparabens. They are water soluble and otherwise found in many cosmetics, yet they are not really goog for your health used commongly. Other ingredients in PK24 are aloe barbandesis leaf, glycerin, yet another stay-away ingredient, alum potassium, sodium citrate, peg-75 for perfume and sucralose for better taste.

You can use the cream every day, though looking over the inngredients some women may have a problem with that. If you go ahead and buy it, it is best to use it just before intercourse.

Does PK24 Cream Work?

I found mixed real customer reviews when it comes to how well it works. Most women seems to have problems with pump. An ingenious women uses a syringe to insert the cream inside her vagina. Others reportetd it works best if applied twice during the day. However, it does seem to work as stated: it increases the shrinkage feeling and increase the arousal. My view is that if you have $60 bucks to spare, you should try it.

How much does Pk24 Cost?

A single bottle of PK24 costs around $59.95 at the date of posting this article, prices may vary.However, they offer a discount code of $5, the discount code is “pk1200”. One bottle contains 1oz or 30 ml of cream.

How to use it?

Like most vaginal rejuvenation products, you have to insert it inside your vagina with your fingers to have any effect. Also, it is best if you can massage the vaginal wall while you do this. It can be quite messy, so it is best to do it in your toilet or use a towel underneath your body. You should wait at least 10 minutes for it to work and feel any shrinkage. The vaginal tightening effect will not last you for ever though, no cream does, but only for 24 hours.







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