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Alum Powder: Does Alum Help Tighten Your Vagina?

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Alum white powder is a natural  vaginal tighten ingredient used mainly by women in Carraibe. However, alum powder has many uses, particularly in industry and cosmetics. I will not talk about the different types of alum, you can read more on wikipedia if you want, but about the different uses of alum powder.

You can buy alum either as a fine white powder or as crystals. Many women are looking for where to find alum powder and the afrikan stores can be a good idea to ask or you can find it online.  Be aware that it has its own side-effects also, as it can irritate the skin.

Does alum powder help tighten my vagina?

Yes, it does help tighten the vagina. It also helps tighten the skin in general. Some vaginal tightening creams do contain alum. However, when used naturally, at home, you may risk damaging the vaginal tissues. One of the reason could be the that its very alkaline. You can read here more about it.

But, nonetheless, it does work very well for shrinking your vagina. It is just not safe used for long term and for this reason I believe you should use other natural herbs or vagial tightening creams which are way more safer. You can read more about sepia uses and  aloe vera benefits for the vaginal area.

Alum is used for othe skin conditions as well. It is very efficient in curing mouth ulcers and remove the bad skin odors. This is why it’s used in deodorants and toothpaste fabrication.

Alum powder cream

Because it’s not a safe ingredient to use, I havn’t found any alum cream for tightening the vagina. If you are looking for the best rated vaginal tightening cream, I do recommend V Tight Gel which contains Manjakani.


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