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Homeopathic remedies for loose vagina

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oak_gallLoose vagina is an inevitable consequence of childbirth and aging process. You notice the sex is not the same anymore when you start losing the grip. The thing is that you don’t have to let a loose vagina destroy your relationship and your self-esteem. Because, this is the sad result of a loose vaginal muscles. Besides Kegel exercises, homeopathic remedies for vaginal tightening have increased in popularity in recent years due to its easiness of use.

Herbs have been used from ancient times for vaginal health. Depending on the culture, some are still used today, such as african black soap, oak galls or pueraria mirifica. Based on theses still preserved cultures, lots of products for vaginal rejuvenation uses them as ingredients.

Which Homeopathic Remedies Work For Getting a Tighter Vagina?


Manjakani or Oak Galls is a plant mostly known in Suth East Asia and still used today for it vaginal rejuvenation benefits. It helps with getting a tighter vagina, clears vaginal infections such as vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis and helps with foul vaginal odor. Many women in that part of the world still uses the natural plant. However, you can buy manjakani pills to help you with vaginal tightening or vaginal tightening creams such as InTivar which does contain manjakani.


Sepia is a widely used homeopathis remedy for many illnesses and health conditions that women suffer. It is made from dark brown pigment of ink sac of cuttlefish. Besides mood swings, debility, irritability, it is used for gynecological conditions such as prementrual symptoms, hot flashes and other menopuase symptoms, urinary infections, painful intercourse, vaginal tightening, vaginal candidiasis, women with low libido, just to name a few. You may need to visit a naturopath or you can purchase sepia pills or liquids. Note that using sepia is not without side-effects and if you take other medicines, you should talk with your doctor about taking sepia.

Quercus Infectoria  is another type of oak used for vaginal conditions, including vaginal tightening. It is also called Allepo Oak or Cyprus Oak and, as the name suggested, is found in Southern Europe and Southwestern Africa. You can find more about Quescus Infectoria here.



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