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Why I Love The New Vaginal Wands

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What Are Vaginal Wands?

In case you’ve never heard about them, they are quite new on the market, the vaginal tightening wands or sticks are dildo shaped herb vaginal inserts. You may mistake them for a vaginal exerciser, but while shaped like one, they last for about three months.

Why I love them?

They are very easy to use. Compared with shrinking vaginal creams or gels, they are not messy or sticky. The way you use it depends on the which brand you choose, but is as easy as watering it for few seconds and then insert it inside your vagina. Then, you simply just rotate them for few seconds and that’s it. I feel they are more hygienic than creams as you don’t have to squeeze the gel on your fingers then insert it inside your vagina. For the shrinking cream or gel to have any effect, you actually have to rotate it with your finger alongside your vaginal walls.

There are a couple of stick shrink wands that you can find on the market today:
Serre Stick Vaginal Tightening Wand

This is a vaginal wand made by Serre Stick Nuru Guru. Its main ingredients are snow lotus, aloe, saffron and common cnidium fruit. The way you use it is very simple. Just put the top of the stick under water for few seconds, then use it as prescribed above. Note that the effect last for few days. This is a bonus, as most shrink creams or lotions last for few hours.

Its manufacturers also recommend it for getting rid of vaginal odor and vaginal itchiness.


 Back to 20s® Instant Work Vaginal Tightening Wand

This is another type of tightening rod that you can purchase from Amazon. In all, you can expect almost the same way to use and hopeully results as Serre Stick by Nuru Guru.







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