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There are many products today that you can use to tighten up your vaginal muscles. One later addition to the market are vaginal suppositories that makes your vagina tighter. Vaginal suppositories are not new, most of us women using them usually to treat some nasty vaginal infections.

If you think that suppositories might be better than a cream or a stick, it’s up to you. My concern is that there are only a handful of products available on the market, and that they are made on Far East countries and sold from there. This poses a question related to their effectiveness and safety.

Anyway, you can buy vaginal tightening suppositories on Amazon and eBay. Before deciding which one is better, you can have a look for their main ingredients.

Rose Woman Vaginal Tightening Suppository also known as Le Fu Yan  is an imported product from China. Its main ingredient is saffron and pikenard.

Another vaginal tightening suppository that you can find on Amazon is from Thailand, Herb Friend. Unfortunately, I don’t see listed any ingredients on their listing but only benefits and how t use it. Some adverse side-effects are listed.

Tightenz is another vaginal tightening insert that you can purchase from their website. They seem to only sell online and cannot be found in any retail stores. Looking at its ingredients, one of it is quescus inectoria aka manjakani, a well known herb for vaginal issues like looseness, dryness and vaginal infections. As with any pessary, they take some time to get the effect, in case of Tightenz, it’s a up to two hours.

Are vaginal tightening inserts better than Kegel?

You should know that with any small efforts come short results. This is true not only for using vaginal inserts, but also creams or gels that promise you to make you tighter. Kegel exercisers do require consistent effort and take more time to see effective results, but they are long lasting. Kegels are important for women because they help you prevent incontinence, an issue for many women.

Vaginal tightening pessaries like Tightenz or any other one you can find online  can give you fast results that can last for few hours.




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